Monday, August 17, 2015

Changes In Google Algorithms Keeps SEO Experts Busy in Sonoma, San Francisco & Bay Area

               White Hat Methods are a MUST For Google Search Engine Optimization.

We learned recently that Google makes 300 to 500 unannounced changes to their Google Search Engine yearly.  Any company with skills in SEO Management must quickly learn how to maneuver through the changes and find methods to move through and not break Google Rules in the process.  The SEO expert must be willing to accept change, not fight it and anticipate there will be more. 

To not feel overwhelmed by the changes, a website owner can:

  1. Hire a Techy who understands the systems and responds quickly to changes.
  2. Hire a content writer for your website - newest Google changes.
  3. Understand there are very few SEO services that will not have your website moving back and forth for your specified key-search-terms between first and third pages.  Keep Your Cool...Other Businesses are doing what you are doing!
  4. Outline your goals with the SEO expert.  Do you want more hits, longer visits, just see your website on first page Google, Do you want Leads from who enters the website. (there are white hat methods that can help gain good leads). Improve your conversion and call rates.....or maybe you just want to see your webpage on the first or second page.
  5. Your home page text (content) must reflect your key-search-terms and be what the end user is looking for as they search the web.  
  6. Your website MUST be mobile ready and readable on a phone screen.  Too small, to faded, will not do it and your website will begin heading down in the searches. So take the advice of the SEO expert.  They are not there to make your life miserable, their desire is to become part of your business team and bring you increased business with high web visibility.
  7. Understand, even if you purchased Google AD words and your website does not show up on a Mobile Phone users screen, they will go away without your valuable information.  Ya gotta keep up with the times!
Ready for positive changes from your website?
Rent your first page space - on Google.  Yes, we also have that exclusive service. 

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