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Five Tips on SEO Content Writing - Increased Algorithm Demands For Search Engine Optimization

You have to be kidding us! - Google wants us to be expert website content writers - Whhhhhhhhh ?  Isn't that up to my website developer or designer? Maybe, but you are very lucky if your designer is a good writer with proper English and grammar structure.

Yes, the algorithm changes are all about CONTENT.  This means you cannot put three or four meaningful lines and a bunch of photos on the home page of your website and expect it to pick up well by those sweet little spiders move through.... and yes, those spiders also record your terminology, and acknowledge changes on content.  

WHY - because Google wants improvement on searches. Somehow they have missed the boat - when the only things that come up are Yelp, Wikipedia and the yellow pages.

Before you implode... Please remember offers content writing as one of their marketing services.  For those who want insight to effective writing for these changes, I offer five strong content writing tips.

#1.  Take a good look at your key-search-words.  Use them in your sentence structure. Please do not OVER use them. 
#2.  Plan to write more than one paragraph.  They are looking for more that 500 words on your home page.  Take a look at the home page to understand you do not have to place them in the immediate vision of the user. We know how users enjoy a website - and that is not by reading through a pile of content.  You do not want the user to leave your website - if there is too much content. 
#3. Encapsulate the overall thought in the first paragraph and then break it out - expanding on the thoughts with links to various parts of interest in your website where the user can travel to quickly from the paragraphs.  You want to write UNIQUE & RELEVANT content regarding your category. 
#4. Always proof and re-read several times. Ask a friend or associate to review for making sense, making a point, delivering your message clearly.  
#5. Our spell checks do not always pick up double words or words that mean the same, but are spelled similarly.  English is a tough language!!  

Reading all these new signs - destroys many of the guidelines we have followed for years.

a. your website is your online brochure
b. brochures are designed with few words and clean space
c. photos are worth a thousand words

JOIN in the conversation!!
All I can say is ... what's next?

Tired of the mess - let LocalSEOexperts move you to first page Google without AD words or pay for click.  Healthy, organic, white hat methods is what we provide for success. 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tips On Branding A Business With Press Releases For Search Engine Optimization

Marketing your brand name and gaining recognition from the general public is completed in multiple methods.
Yes, your search engine optimization is affected by press releases that are pickup with your name. You can also put a link in your website to the press release in an online newspaper.  True, you will need to consider if your news is important for local, and/or a national or an international story.

Press release are another great tool that adds to your visibility.  So my clients ask, " What is so newsy that anyone would would to know about it. "  Truly the media will not pick up your name unless it is a strong story or local influence.  Lets learn something about this from the Republican Party, presently in the news daily....  They know only one of them will make it into the finals, but the fact the word "Republican Party" is repeated over and over is the branding they seek.

Think about the various times a year - the press release can be effective.

  • grand opening of your business
  • store remodeling
  • the business moves or opens more branches
  • you have a new high profile/talented employee
  • you add a very popular product line to the store
  • the shop or restaurant is try a new food or product
  • unique free holiday specials for the general public
  • you are bringing in a speaker or the inventor
  • coming out with a newsletter or blog
  • write an brief article on why a particular product has found its place in society and send attached.
  • (always quote your resources)
I found the TIPs from this additional blog was a good read - hope you like this link.  They cover the details of completing your press release.

When 80% of the population has a smart phone and 63% of Google users access through a smart phone or I-pad, then  your press release receives increased viewing from every spectrum.  All press releases should contain your website address for more information.  Your website needs to be mobile friendly and easily opened from these digital devices.

Love to have your input....

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Is A Website's Easy Navigation, or Call To Action Important To A Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas Business? offer Search Engine Optimization services on a monthly fee basis, and we also provide a permanent first page Google First Page for many cities and categories for all types of businesses.
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Do people (web users) get to your web page and find it easy to Navigate?  Google bots will ding you if they do not think your home page gives adequate directions to your key-search terms.  Do people who visit your web page - go around in Circles - of where am I ?? What am I supposed to do here? The ultimate question of WHERE is it??  Why did this page appear for my key search?

  • Understand your page subtitles can relate to your key-search terms. 
  • Adding the key-search-terms to well written content on your home page will be invaluable in your web results. 
  • While you do not want to over-stuff your content with key-search terms, it is vital you use them.  
  • You may also want to caption a graphic or a photo with a key-search-term.

Decide if you want your call to action to be: calling you, giving you a lead, buying something, or introducing you to the product or planning something from your website.....your call o action must reflect this in a non-intrusive but easy to find method on your website.  Two strong rules evolve here.  phone numbers or contact in the guidance bars, understand the mid upper right side is often where the eye goes quickly on a website.
So many websites have very creative openings that stop smart phones from opening their page. So considering over 65% of Google users are accessing through smart phones, the question is? - Do you really want to stop them from entering your website or accessing your information.

When you are tired of all the hodge-podge in website visibility on search engines. Give JR Moore a call at 707-539-3585 for a quote on monthly services.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Important Is Content To Your Search Engine Optimization

                           The Question of Website Content Continues For Google Ranking
                                    There is no mystery here, they have laid it out for you.  
                            But - it is always the big "but, yet, may we qualify that", or - or - or!
    It is still a matter of opinion!!! So dust your keyboard off. Your best is yet to come!

Since Google Hummingbird came out, the Home Page Content has become more and more important. There are some tricks here.  Some of these can make or break your home page as the search spiders come through.  While content is very important - too much content can chase your website user away.  They love photos and explicit, descriptive language, so this can be a double edged sword. You want them to stay and have their questions answered or call them to action, and motivate/move them into another section of the website where your usefulness begins.

What works best:  Title and sub-title reflect specific key-search-terms you want to come up for. These can also reflect your marketing area name(s).

Content: Reflects/repeats your title and meta-tag description.

  • Everything from 500 to 800 words in correct grammar and proofed for spelling.
  • Use your website title and sub-title words in your content paragraphs.
  • Use your key-search-terms in your content writing.
  • Anchor your photos and/or video with a key-search-term from your meta-tags. 
  • Anchor a few links to other parts/pages of your website.
  • No keyword stuffing - repeating a key-search-term to often lowers your ranking!  
  • Proof your content for over use of your key-search terms.
  • Ask a third or fourth person to read the home page and give you a critique.
  • Every quarter of the year, change to some degree, your home page content, photos, videos, links.
  • Web page titles can be changed with no penalty, but content should reflect the change.

                   If you are tired of all this, JR Publications provides serious 
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