Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marketing A Business, Law Practice, Surgeon or Wedding Business Takes A Variety Of Marketing Services

HEY everybody my business is over here..... See me !  Look at what we have to offer.  Yes, we are better than someone like us...
Ever feel like you are talking in the wind???   Well, the wind has changed a bit over the past five years in the game of marketing  solutions for your business.  It takes several strong methods. It used to be a store front and drive by traffic, soon changed to phone book, radio and TV, and now it is web and mobile access to your information.  The sandbox is getting bigger!!!

Think about where you are spending your funds.... Well spent - should give you ROI, "return on investment".  No business can afford to miss any business, and this is often where a business can fail.  Marketing is the other half of a teeter-totter !!!  When one side out weighs the other in a business - things get out of balance. 

So lets go over some of the great methods available to help keep the balance:

  1. Signage: you car, your store front, a billboard, your business cards, brochures, and your webpage.
  2. Meeting People:  networking, memberships, conventions and trade shows.
  3. Cold Calling:  dropping in on a business to generate a relationship and gain a sale.
  4. Get On Recommendation Lists:  Organizations, other businesses and linking your website
  5. Be The Expert: write a book, go on a speaking tour.
  6. Lead Action: e-mailing, calling, leaving messages.
  7. First Page Google and Social Media:   Pricey and takes a wealth of knowledge

The last one (Lucky 7) is where people look first...even if they have a recommendation or find you on a list.  They do look up your website and more often a Google a search query on a subject. Do they look beyond page two or three on a search engine? - Sorry, on the average they do not.  Do they try to find you on their mobile phone.  YES, more and more is done on a cell phone daily.  Google states over 63% of their visits are from mobile phones.

            So if you are not prepared for the 7th on the list, the rest flies out the window.
The viewpoint of the modern shopper is - you are not modern enough to gain their business.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Connecting Social Media of Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Blogs & Twitter On Your Website

What is so important about SOCIAL MEDIA ????  Why does Google look at this ....as a PLUS. Those seeking natural, organic search engine optimization.

Image result for group logos of facebook, twitter, linkedin

Surprise!  These are really an important part of what the Google search engine spiders look for as they review your website.  Those links, plus the amount of traffic, likes and members you have adds up to more traffic.  They surprise us all by their criteria...

Most business owners have no time to evolve this type of marketing technique. It takes hours of content writing, photo posting and it is very difficult to find those who will do it from your hired. Wanted to share some tips on quick methods to create a pathway to make it all happen.

#1. Linked In:  If you are in business, you will want to have a profile completed in Linked-In.  This can be written wrong or right.  Your business motto and links to your websites and blogs are emphasized, yet, laying out all your services, may not be the best idea.  nor every detail of what you sell or do will be in your best interest.  Use a specific e-mail address when you set this up.
#2.  Join some groups and add them to your que, so that when you update your profile, they are notified.
#3.  Add the logo and linked-in address to your website(s).
#4.  Check in to your page once a week - and respond to messages, ask for recommendations from those who know you on Linked-In and give recommendations to those you trust.
5.  Each time search for new groups to join....and get back to those who contact you.

We'll cover some tips on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in the following entries.

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