Thursday, October 29, 2015

Does Your Website Still Show First Page in Google's Local Results As People Search The WEB from San Francisco to Las Vegas ?

Keeping Your Visibility on Google is becoming tougher - not easier.... New requirements outlined below indicate they are moving their search outcome to THREE businesses - not SIX as before.  Our illustration below is a good indicator they are getting around to these over the months.  Please read how their selections are being made ... below:  we searched    "iron fabrication, Santa Rosa, Ca" for this one...

Kauth Brothers is a client.  Read his review on our website.

Google states that many webmasters leave their sites vulnerable to such attacks, whereby the many hackers are able to inject spam content – such as adverts for illegal pharmaceuticals - or to send traffic to low quality sites. 

Google is now ‘aggressively targeting hacked and spammed websites’ to protect search engine users from carrying this on into their websites and e-mails.  The hope is to provide a setting where webmasters put spammers and cyber criminals out of business. Google research shows that no one type of site is targeted. Many legitimate sites unknowingly fall victim to hacked content include small business sites, universities and even government sites.  From SQL injections to website take-overs are happening daily.  

To prevent or stop, it is suggested every website owner:

  • Changes to stronger entry and log in phrases - not pertaining to your actual web name.
  • Reviews the website backdoor and meta tags for spam or code that does not belong on a monthly basis - these codes hook themselves into every area of the site and daily reload.  It takes an expert to remove this.
  • Takes measures to make certain your business name is properly entered into the Google Places with map, address, phone and web addresses. 
  • We have recommendations for Google Placement service, for content writing and Social Media Positioning. 
  • Make certain your website is mobile phone friendly.
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