Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TIPS on Hiring A Local Marketing Agency For Cosmetic Surgeons, Attorneys & Wedding Professionals

You are searching for a Marketing Company.  One has social media, one has Search Engine Optimization SEO. We are being educated in the fact that they are ALL an
                                            Important Part of Marketing Your Business
Most searches or connections come from good referrals, a search in the web, someone you may bump into at a networking event, but seldom anymore do we find a complete marketing company that can take care of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Building and not find ourselves OVER-spending - either by hiring someone who really does nothing but has decided to hang their shingle out as a guru in marketing.  

 I recently worked with a client who said, "This marketing agency we hired never told me how to improve things, or what was wrong and why we were not getting anywhere on the web.  We paid them thousands of dollars - for what?"  The question here is... what were you expecting to have happen?  Did you want first or second page Google?, Did you want results within a week, six months, etc.  It helps to be clear in the interview of what your EXPECTATIONS and you should receive a monthly report.......The best question is - can they deliver?  With Google making a hundred changes in their algorithms daily, keeping up is hard to do.  It does take a professional.
While each business, church, service and profession has created a very nice website today, most lack VISIBILITY on Google, Mobile or other search engines and Social Networks.  It is very time consuming to keep up with everything that ads up to strong MARKETING tatics. 

Sadly, Again it moves the Corporate Giants into our eyes FIRST and then by the fifth page of the search engine - the small business website begins to gain some visibility.  There again is the RUB.  Without clicks into your website - the search engines announced - they will ignore you.... pushing you lower on the searches.  

Complexity, Time Consuming Work, Ever changing Search Engine Rules are all part of moving the giants IN to gain more money.  In order to gain your share, consider giving us a call
to discuss what is happening for your business website.  
                              We are very thankful we have found "some of the answers".  

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marketing A Business, Attorney Practice, Cosmetic Surgeon, Restaurant and Hotel

I am certain you think this is a strange Photo for a discussion on MARKETING Your Business  IT IS,,, but here to prove a point in November 2015. 

Marketing Your Business IS Like (Akin) To Planting Bulbs.  
The Think Ahead Process demands you make your plans, and do the work several months in advance to experience good results!

#1.  You have to put on your gloves - to get through the quagmire of dirt to the right level for maximum results.
#2.  It helps to have the perfect tools, but often a nice small hand tool will do. You waste time if you dig with a table spoon.
#3.  You have to immerse yourself - in the soil of good solutions with no rocks to inhibit the bulb's success in coming through the soil. 
#4.  You have to plant the blub... sitting it in the correct direction for growth and flowering! 
#5.  What's missing?  Sunshine, water and time.

So, if you know you have to learn a little, get dirty a little, take your precious time to learn how to grow blubs.....then WHY does marketing your business seem so hard to do?  We know the rules have changed a LOT lately, but you can still ... build your business  with your integrity,  your determination, and your amazing skills. Marketing is the water and sunshine that makes it GROW!  If you don't take the time or know your best methods to market your business - then it will not grow.  
             We Know How - and we look forward to seeing your business blossom! offers many marketing services and solutions to the constantly changing horizon of marketing.  The TIME to plant your marketing bulbs for next year is NOW...  You want to be on first two pages Google - Need help with marketing concerns.   give us a call. 707-539-3585, 800-233-3850

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