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Where to Find Business Leads - The Who, What, Where, and WHY of Using Business Leads

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WHO USES Leads - Most every business want the attention of a "targeted audience" or the general public in their region. (Look at the chart below to understand the effectiveness.)
WHAT IS The EFFECT of a Lead - Receiver of your message knows that your business exists at a time they may need your service or product.
WHERE CAN I Get EFFECTIVE Leads - First and second page Search Engine visibility, with people clicking on your website and requesting information, mobile phone ads, signage on cars & trucks, trade show advertising, magazine ads, your connections with fellow business persons, (networking groups), and new services with the right tools to generate leads for you. 

Services like offer specific leads in specified areas for clients, as well as Search Engine Optimization of their websites, web blogs or videos on YouTube.

TIP:  You really want a lead looking for your type of business -  so be specific, if purchasing. You want a lead with e-mail, phone number, name your specific type of purchaser. For the wedding industry - it would be a bridal list - area specific to where the wedding is held - this too can be tricky - as a bride may buy her dress at home and travel to a destination site.

WHY Use LEADS - How do we reach out to them? This is often were the pavement turns to gravel and dust for many businesses.  Real marketers utilize phone calls,  e-mail or phone calls, leave message or spend a few hours in the evening to drum up business.  

Most businesses do not understand how expensive it is to provide them with a lead, nor want to go to the effort to promote to a lead.,,,many think because they are so great at what they do the world will find them......maybe a few will .... on recommendations or referrals. It takes years to build on that. The question is???? Do you have fifteen years of money in the bank to live on while they find your doorstep?   Most do not.  

Those who understand marketing - want that lead - whether it is is a personal lead, an e-mail lead or a phone call lead.

In its purest form a genuine lead can cost. The Marketer wants to wear that lead out.  

Owen Powis writes the and is quoted below:  This is a great marketing newsletter for any business to sign up for.  Owen states:

"Email sells. There is no other way to put it. With some of the highest conversions rates out of any digital channel you are going to struggle to beat the effectiveness of email for selling your products. Email consistently outsells search and social
Personally, I believe there are several types of e-mails that sell best. Here are some tips:
Your title of the e-mail - change it each time, you send it out. Once you send the e-mail - call and leave a message on their phone line stating the date, who you are, and that you sent them an e-mail.  Your title is why they would open the e-mail from a stranger or your personal call. Always leave your phone number or website address - and speak clearly.
E-mails with a brief video (1.5 to 2 minute color video) link inside the e-message sell better.
Follow-up e-mails to a trade show are vital.  You may have a hot leads list and let it sit in the drawer.  Remind them - they met you at the bridal show - review your product and put your link in the e-mail.  Send it more than once......send every week or few weeks. 
You look at a list and decerne that everyone is too far away from you to send it out. 
Big Mistake!
Send them something special....They may be coming into your region for a number of reasons, so market them.  ie a restaurant.  Traveling into San Francisco soon?  Consider a remarkable lunch or dinner at our with a 10% discount when you bring this e-mail. 
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Six TIPS For Better Search Engine Optimization For Business Professionals In San Francisco Bay Area & Northbay Wine Country

You've created a lovely website - may of spent thousands to do so.  There are several things you and the designer should know regarding website set up.
                                        "GOOGLE says your website must be Mobile Friendly!"

# 1. The title of your website is vital to your search engine positions.  I run across websites that put Welcome in that line.  Please, be city/region specific and category specific to your website.  ie
Titles are capitalized, area specific, category specific and can be changed now and then

Instead of:                                                    Use This Style:
Your Local Resource For Planning               New York City Wedding and Event Planning Services

#2.  The search engine people tell us our meta tags are not important - well do them correctly - because
they could change their mind at any time.

#3.  Your Website Title and your Description should contain some of your meta-tags. Descriptions may also be changed occasionally.  But the standing rule is  - with meta tags, leave them alone.

#5.   Likely you have several pages in your website - make certain those addresses contain a descriptive term of what is on that page - use the key terms in the content.

Instead of:                                                      Use This Style
Mary'                 Mary'
Give that page a descriptive title address - and that also may be submitted to searches.      

#6.  Content is valuable.  If you do not write, then  hire a writer.  Use your title and meta tag words in the content.   Photos, Videos, Pinterest Board Links and Social Media icons and links are vital.  ALL picked up by the search engine "spiders".  (Hmmm I guess the world wide web should have spiders!)

Trust this has been helpful,

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Re-Designing Your Website To Gain The Google's Mobile Friendly Visibility Is Working For Businesses From San Diego To Chico

 Is The New Google Slap For Real?
Web Marketing Solutions From

Consider Testing Your Website Address... on the
Mobile Friendly Testing Tool from Google for your website

Reports Are Coming In ....  We are hearing a variety of things from business owners ... stating ...  "My website failed the Mobile Friendly Test Link for my web address, Yet I just looked in the Google Search for my website and found it IS where it always was."

Others are saying -We've always had first page status from being on the web for so many years, and now our website is on the fifth or tenth page."

Our response - Well Rome was not built in a day - do you really think they can configure every single website within one or two weeks.  Given time there will be changes made.  Also clean your Cache' you may be looking at your web history.

What we are presently seeing - are the major players on the first and second pages and those who have purchased Ad words from Google. 
We are also seeing those websites that have a local city/county/region in their website TITLE or web address. Your website title is a key factor in Google Results. We are astounded at those who put "welcome" in their metatag title. Area specific will help + your category or service.
example - Day Spas In Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Find out how we can assist all types of businesses with their Marketing Solutions and
quickly changing SEO concerns.  707-539-3585 & 800-233-3850.


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