Thursday, February 11, 2016

Higher Prices On AD Word Marketing - Large Businesses Have Really Jumped On Google AD Words & SEO Services

So, you thought you would escape all the "learning Curve stuff" that Google is changing daily by just purchasing AD words and being guaranteed your positions on searches.  Truly, that was a GREAT idea!!!   

                                                         Big Business Thinks so TOO.

Local AD words are becoming higher priced because the big companies  have jumped in the pond.  Nothing is sacred anymore for the small business owner.  So what are we seeing ...
Prices on AD words becoming more expensive

Bidding Wars on Key-Search Terms

Your Google ADS being pushed down on the page.... or to another page.

Your Google AD in some remote city that has nothing to do with your local searcher.

Your competitor paying someone to sit and CLICK on your ad until it is out of $$$.

Consider paying out your good money for search engine optimization SEO... 
where you will have first and/or second page visibility on a consistent basis......  

We still see people making huge errors in posting their Google ads.  

OK....I will give you one good TIP... on creating your ad words....or any AD
  • They must include a city/region in order to appear above or along side on the Google Page ...when someone searches.  A general or no location AD ends up at the bottom of the Google page.  Yes, Google programs their algorithms for a user's local searching, but if your AD key-search is void of will not get noticed. 

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