Monday, February 29, 2016

Choosing The Right Marketing Seminars For Groups, Conferences, Associations, Businesses & Meetings In Sonoma, Napa, Marin & the Bay Area,

Choosing A Marketing Seminar
The Who - What - Where - When & Why...

Do We Need A Coach !! or Can We Do It Ourselves?
Why Do A Seminar:
  •  We have a group of businesses who are struggling with staying up on Google Search.
  •  We have an association who needs to know more about Social Media importance.
  •  We have a staff that could take on more in the marketing department.
  •  We need new customers and fresh ideas. 

Who Is Best To Cover The Materials For Us:
  • We want someone with many creative ideas.
  • We want an expert in Search Engine Optimization.
  • We want an expert in Social Media.
  • We want an expert in proven and new methods.
  • We want modern technology ideas.

What Type of Marketing Do We Require:
  • We don't know what type of marketing works best today.
  • We don't know what type of marketing brings our best clients.
  • We want to know how to effectively spend our marketing dollars.
  • We want to know what we can do for free.

Where Shall We Host This:
  • During our General Meeting
  • At a Conference as part of the education program for our membership.
  • They host it at a specific location and invite us in.

When Do We Want The Seminar To Happen:
  • Prior to setting our marketing budget for the next year.
  • During our regular meeting with an hour of presentation.
  • A half day seminar with take home materials
  • A full day seminar with luncheon and several speakers for under $200.
We Trust ....These components will help you determine your needs.

When Modern Marketing, Business Leads, Social Media & Search Engine Optimization
 Are Important To Your Business...

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