Thursday, March 10, 2016

Google Visibility With SEO & Not AD-Words In Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, San Jose, East Bay & Santa Rosa

Yes, you read it right !!  There are various methods to gain that first and second page position without using the purchase of AD-words on

You have a choice from the clues below - as to how you will choose !

This is one time, you can't afford to feel like a DUNCE.  You Want - All Legal - No Black Hat - Just Good Honest Search Engine Optimization !!!

CLUES to - What is a"Black Hat" SEO scams ? 
You get a phone call, or see a website that makes you promises to get you up to the first page of Google overnight and they want to charge large amounts monthly.... before you even see the results.  

You do not have to do anything to your website.....  just hand them money.  Never send you an actual Google results page. ....   Don't encourage you to open a free
Google Analytics account to comprehend where you hits are coming from.  hmmm?

You will gain first place on their web frame positioned over so many members websites.  Like Google's 4, million for a specific search compared to 2400.  That's really lowering your stats and very confining !
                                          You Want A Team of Angels AT Your Back

CLUES To - What Is A Legal SEO expert  ?
Someone or a group that looks into your website, suggests corrections and upgrades
in a variety of ways, checks for site map, page titles and goes over your business goals for specific areas you want to market. Encourages Social Media ideas, etc. and
provides a list of things you or a selected staff member can achieve for you.

They help you understand: 
Yes, your business was always first page for years...but why now other companies have pushed you down in the page rankings....

How the larger the city, or more popular category -  may be a higher price and it will take more time - for you to be on the first  or second page.

A company that sends you a monthly report on the key-search positions on Google - so you may go in and look for yourself on the Google search.

A company that helps you understand Google is daily changing the algorithms and results do move around with other website submissions.

A Company that appreciates and desires a recommendation note or a Yelp recommendation.

A company that encourages you toward gaining your free Google Analytics reports to
see if you are gaining in  visits and on what page.

A company you can pick up the phone and ask for additional services, or where they suggest to find the best.  A marketing support team!

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