Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A TIP For Your Website's Google Visibility In Brentwood, Walnut Creek, Oakland, San Ramon, East Bay to North Bay & Bay Area cities

Google changes their algorithms every day in several ways.  It is difficult to keep up with them and it does force you to think AD words may be your best option.  We have found at, there are five very important things you can do to improve your overall experience with Google Search.

Your website page titles are very important to Google.  If they look like this...  you will come up for Marcie Wells.  If people do not know you, or are searching for your product or service, then you miss them finding you when they are searching on Google.  

  • Consider adding a
  • Make certain those key-search terms are in your meta tags.  Fairfield dog walking services, dog walking services in Fairfield.
  • Place content on your home page regarding Fairfield dog walking services
  • Create a Facebook business page, where you can post photos of your services and place this link on your home page....close to the top of the page.
  • Make certain your website will open from a Mobile Phone.  Use our great Google tool to see if your website will show up.

This way you have a city you want to market, your service, and you will begin to rise in the ranks. Maybe you want to work only in a specific region of the city... Google reads your titles. So this would be a consideration:

While you are welcome to whittle away at your own Search Engine Optimization with our TIPS, we have a variety of excellent - proven - white hat - methods to assist our clients with top Google visibility We can have you on first page Google in a very short time.

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